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Obituary for Laura K. Fairbank

Laura King Fairbank R.N., Mass General, BSN, Northeastern U., MSN Boston U., Daughter of Professor John King Fairbank and Wilma Cannon Fairbank of Harvard U., beloved wife of William Allen Haynes, mother of Kelly and Katherine Fairbank-Haynes, sister of Holly Fairbank Tuck and her husband Andrew Tuck and aunt to many nieces and nephews, passed away on 12/08/2023.

She was a head nurse at Mt. Auburn Hospital and Mass General Hospital prior to the birth of her children. After the birth of her daughters, she worked as an evening supervisor and then as a charge nurse in the emergency room at Mt. Auburn Hospital, while raising her two children.

While a head nurse on Baker 7 at Mass General in the early eighties, she was asked if her floor would accept aids patients. She talked it over with her staff and they agreed, making them one of the first floors to accept aids patients at Mass General, when very little was known about the transmission of the disease.

We would like to thank the staff of Care Dimensions for their wonderful hospice care, they guided us
through the difficult process of our beloved Laura’s Death.

A kind and generous soul, she will be dearly missed by family and friends. Services will be private.